Where It All began

Hi and welcome to my blog. I’ve being blogging now for around two years. I started my blogging journey over 2 years ago as a food blogger but in that 2 years a lot has changed.

I no longer just posted recipes and I started to share more bits about my life and I went through the process of ‘rebranding’ but as times had passed I just felt that my old blog didn’t fit me anymore.

In my two years of blogging I’ve become a wife to my wonderful husband Lee and very recently a mother to a beautiful baby girl called Emily, hence my inspiration for my new blogs name. also over the 2 years I had my previous blog I feel I’ve grown personally and I’m now ready to share other parts of my life and my old blog just didn’t fit the purpose anymore.

So here I am starting a new venture, a new chapter.

I will in time transfer my recipes over to here so if recipes are your thing, I’d love to have you stick around and come along on my new venture with me. You can find all my social media links up in my header if you’d like to follow them too, to see what I’m up to and what’s going on in my ever changing life.

this new blog gives me the freedom to share different topics that better suit my lifestyle as it is now but it also gives me the freedom to change and grow as it isn’t just dedicated to one ‘niche’

And if you’ve come over from my old blog, Hi and thank you for following along here too, as I said above, please follow all my new social media links to never miss a thing.

Here’s to the new chapter, the new venture.

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