My Labour and Delivery

As my pregnancy got closer and closer to the end labour and delivery really started to scare me. I’d heard everyone’s horror stories and honestly I was petrified. how was I going to squeeze out a tiny human, I knew she’s come out one way or the other but I struggled to convince myself I’d actually be able to go through with it. So when I actually went into labour and it wasn’t anything like the horror stories I’d heard not even close if I’m totally honest it was a relief. I’m not saying it was easy, no way was it easy but it wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be.

Monday 28th January 2019

I was woken sharply to the feeling of really badly needing a pee before I managed to get up out of bed I felt it starting to come. I jumped out of bed thinking I was starting to wet bed and run around my bed to get to the bathroom while liquid was escaping down my legs. all I could think was ‘ I’m peeing all over my carpets!’. Honestly I felt disgusting. As I reached the toilet a hug great big gush came, it went all over my bathroom floor. I honestly was convinced I’d wet myself and couldn’t stop it. I continued to ‘pee’ and as I wiped there was blood on the tissue, obviously this made me panic. I called to my husband to tell him I thought my waters had gone. All I could think was it’s just too early. She couldn’t be coming yet. I hadn’t yet packed my hospital bag either. Just a total disaster.

Once I’d managed to get my head around what had happened I contacted the triage at my local hospital and once I’d explained what had happened I was told to go straight in to be tested to see if it was my waters that had broke.

Upon on reaching the hospital I was taken into quite a nice room, swabbed and observations were taken. What felt like a lifetime even though it was all of 5 minutes wait we were told my waters had indeed broken. I was told I’d have to stay in hospital over night just to see what would happen. Their main concern was she was so early and their game plan was to keep her in as long as we could, as long as 10 days later if we could get there.

I was taken up to the antenatal ward where I was given steroids for Emily’s lungs for if she did make an arrival. Monday afternoon came and went. My cervix was tight shut and it was looking as though I could go home the following day. Until Monday evening came around. I started to get infrequent and not too painful ‘tightening’s’. The midwives were trying to give me painkillers but I really didn’t need them.

As Monday night continued the pains continued to get a little stronger but they were still easy to cope with. My husband was advised to go on home and they’d call if anything started to happen.

Tuesday the 29th January 2019

Come about 3am Tuesday morning my ‘tightening’s’ were getting stronger. I could no longer sleep through them so the midwife taking care of me popped me on the monitor to see what was going on. And just as I thought they were stronger and now closer together. She called the doctor to get them to examine me but to my dismay my cervix was still closed. But due to the closeness of my ‘tightening’s ( this is what the hospital kept calling my contractions as they were saying they were just Braxton hicks at this point) I was taken down the labour ward to be observed because things could change so quickly. My husband was called and in he came and off we went to the delivery suite.

Tuesday morning came and went and nothing had changed. due to no change I was taken back up to the antenatal ward just to be observed again. The day went by, my contractions got stronger but due to being so early they refused to examine to try and not introduce an infection. Visiting hours were slowly coming to an end and my husband was getting ready to leave until I went to the loo and I’d had some ‘show’ and my contractions were getting really strong and a lot closer together. My husband started to time them and they were about 5 minutes apart and lasting for about 30 seconds to a minute.

The midwife called In the doctor again and had me examined and just as we thought my cervix had started to open and I was already 3cm dilated. off we went back down the labour suite.

During Tuesday night my contractions were getting really strong but they had started to be further apart and not lasting very long. I’d not slept since Sunday night and I was exhausted. I was still refusing pain relief but the doctors wanted me to get some sleep ready for delivery so I was given diamorphine to help me sleep. It affected me all of a couple of hours and back awake I was. They told me they don’t usually prescribe gas and air until your 4cm dilated but they didn’t want to give me any more diamorphine so I was given gas and air.

Wednesday 30th January 2019 – Delivery day

Wednesday morning came around, I’d had little to no sleep. I was starving but wasn’t aloud to eat anything and could only drink water. I was exhausted. During Wednesday afternoon I couldn’t help but fall to sleep. my contractions had all but stopped and we honestly thought nothing was happening. if it wasn’t for being monitored we’d have thought it was all over for now. How wrong was we. My contractions came back strong and fast. The gas and air made things bearable but they were painful. The midwife taking care of me requested another examination and I was then 7cm dilated. She was convinced our little bundle of Joy would be born through the day but no. During this time we were visited by the Neonatal team. Due to Emily being so small they were convinced she’d need breathing help and they were taking her straight there as soon as she was delivered. Things continued, the midwives swapped shifts and there I lay. I was so exhausted all I did was sleep. The nurses were all saying it just wasn’t normal for someone in my stage of labour to just be sleeping through their contractions but I was so tired.

At this stage I wasn’t aloud to the toilet and I had to pee in a bed pen, that was not fun… Not fun at all. I could have ate a whole cow I was that hungry too.

At about 8:30pm I was examined again and I was finally 10cm dilated. I was ready to go, ready to push our little beauty out. But my contractions had stopped again. I was given one hour to see If they would start and I’d feel ready to start pushing. After about 40 minutes I had pressure in my bottom and I was ready to go. I started to push with my contractions and gosh! it was painful, it was tiring. We couldn’t get a clear monitor of Emily’s heart rate so a clip was put on her head. After about 30 minutes of pushing I was getting way too tired, it was way too painful and every time I pushed and stopped Emily would move down and then back up. A doctor was brought in to take a look and the conclusion was my contractions were not lasting long enough for me to push with them.

I was put on a hormone drip to help my contractions but they still were not lasting long enough for me to push her out and I honestly just wanted to go to sleep. The decision was made to use forceps to get her out. I was petrified but just wanted her out. The doctor first tried to turn and ease her out with her hands while I was contracting but this didn’t work either.

But at 10:33pm baby Emily entered the world via forceps delivery. It was painful, it was scary but she was worth every single minute of pain and discomfort.

Emily didn’t need any breathing help and we were able to have a cuddle both me and her daddy before she was taken to the neonatal unit to have her blood sugar tested and started on antibiotics as a precaution. She was given a glucose drip due to low blood sugar and later a feeding tube but I will be sharing her time on the neonatal unit.

I was given stiches, some tea and toast. cleaned up and headed off to visit Emily in her incubator before going up to the postnatal word to sleep.

I was and will remain the most magical day of my life.

Emily Lexi Horbury born the 30th January 2019 at 10:33pm weighing 6lb 8 oz.

Just pure perfection.

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