My Top 5 Items for my Newborn

Lets face it, having a newborn is hard work. I love every single minute of it but I’d be lying if I said it was easy. It’s testing, tiring and sometimes frustrating. So having products to use that make life easier are exactly where it’s at.

Our little miss is just over five weeks and today (09/03/2019) was her estimated due date. Over the last 5 weeks I’ve fallen in love with a handful of baby ‘products’ we’ve purchased for her.

So let’s get into it.

  1. At number one it has to be her Tomme Tippe Perfect prep machine. Our baby is formula fed. I tried to breastfeed while she was in the neonatal unit and it just wouldn’t happen. Whether it was due to her been early, me being stressed or something else I just couldn’t do it. Let’s remember fed is best. But yes, the perfect prep is an absolute godsend. When she came home at 9 days old I made bottles up the traditional way with a kettle but night feeds were an absolute nightmare so we bought the prep machine on sale at £60 from Mothercare and I will never look back. We have a ready to drink bottle in just 2 minutes, perfect when you have a hungry crying baby to feed at 4am.
  2. Next on the list has to be Tommee Toppe Anti-Colic bottles. We started by using ordinary bottles but about a week ago Emily started to be really uncomfortable and just wouldn’t settle after feeds. She suffers with baby reflux too which she is prescribed Baby Gaviscon for but I’ll be doing a separate post for this. And she was bringing her feeds back up without warning, projectile style too. So we invested in in the anti colic bottle to see if it helped her as she’s very windy and they are supposed to help with reflux too. Since we made the switch, she’s like a different baby. No more possetting or projectile vomiting either. Absolute must have for a reflux colicky baby.
  3. This has to be Ewan The Dream Sheep. Emily loves it, once she’s fed and settled. Popping her in her Moses basket with Ewan helps her drop off to sleep without any hassle. If she stirs at night between feeds, I just click Ewan on and she settles straight back to sleep. Happy Baby, Happy mummy.
  4. Number for is her baby chair. Now we know the recommendations are for babies to be laid flat. But as mentioned above Emily suffers with reflux so lying flat is often a no go for some time after feeds until her stomach has settled. So we have the Fisher Price infant to toddler rocker. It vibrates and rocks too which she loves. It has a slight incline which is perfect for her reflux. At times it’s all she would sleep in due to her being uncomfortable, so there has been nights I’ve come back downstairs and slept on the sofa while Emily has been in her baby rocker.
  5. Number 5 is not a large ‘product’ but it is Bapanthan nappy cream. I apply after every nappy change and up to now we’ve had no soreness or nappy rash. It’s the perfect barrier. Not too thick of a cream either. It’s perfect and does the job lovely.

I’d love to hear your newborn must haves in the comments.

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