Parenting is hard work!

Oh hi, it’s being a while.

Actually over a month. Emily is now 4 and a half months old and wow has it gone fast! Things have changed so much, it’s being hard. Parenting is hard work… yeah we’ll say hard to try and keep it PG.

First time feeding the ducks.

Are you ready for a huge word vomit? Well here you are! 😂

Blimey, whoever said parenting was easy are liars! Full on liars…ha. It’s tiring, brain draining, busy and sometimes numbing. And the worrying, don’t get me started on the worrying. It never ends. Becoming a parent is just another term for becoming a constant worry wart because it’s all you do. 100% of the time, even with big smiles and happy faces. In your brain your f***ing worrying about anything from feeds to if you’ve clipped your child’s little toe nail straight enough. The worrying never ends!

I love every minute of being a mum though but I’m not going to lie and show you our life through rose tinted glasses. It’s hard, not the caring for Emily, it’s tiring but not hard. But trying to please everyone is difficult and more draining than anything else and it’s took a lot for me to toughen up a little.

When Emily was first home I had a huge ‘expectation’ to go visit family, different members of our family every day. And now at 4 and a half months in I haven’t got time for it. I’m soft and loving by nature, I’ll do my best to please everyone but myself. I love seeing family, I do but I can’t be with family, sticking to Emilys routine and keep our house ticking over. If I’m not home things don’t get finished and I cannot be dealing with it, then I get stressed and it’s just no good for anyone.

So now we go when it’s best for us and when it fits in with our day/week.

We’ve had to toughen up about people visiting and we’ve now stopped visitors coming after 6pm.

Emily cuddles are the best!

6pm is dinner, bath time and bedtime routine. By 8pm we like to be sat down watching tv before bed, I’ll be honest when visitors were here until 8/9pm our marriage was suffering. We had no time for each other. We had to cram all of our evening bits into an hour and get to bed. It was just too much. So by 6pm the door is locked and the lights are down. Before we set the 6pm ‘rule’ Emilys routine was all over the place, she would be up late, too tired for a bath, too grumpy to drink her milk and we just couldn’t be dealing with it. Have we upset people? Yes we have but our family (Me, my husband and Emily) come first. Time together just us 3 comes first. The same rules apply if we’re out visiting family, we like to be at home no later than 5pm to get settled back at home before the crazy of the evening starts.

Do you struggle to set boundaries when it comes to visitors?

We’ve also had a struggle to get Emily to drink her milk. She just flat out refuses to drink it when she really doesn’t want to. So we’ve now started early weaning, don’t judge, it’s the best for her and it’s working. We didn’t start until 18 weeks (NHS guidelines say to not start before 17weeks) and Bliss ( a charity for premature babies) say not to use corrected age for weaning and use their birth date but to try and wait until 3 months corrected for better head control. So I will be sharing bits about our weaning journey.

It’s being tough, stressful and tiring.

Motherhood is f***ing hard!

My house is a shit tip constantly, I have laundry like a a family of 100. The dishes just pile up and we have a frigging dishwasher, we’re constantly chasing our arses.

So stubborn!

Does Emily make it worth it? Definitely.

Her smiles, her ‘talking’ her laughs, her stubbornness (she’s a stubborn arse 4 month old) her curiosity, her nosiness. She’s just brilliant! Seeing the world be discovered through her eyes is my ‘drug’, my everything. Every day there’s something new. Every day she discovers something different, even if it’s just her own feet. She’s perfect in every way.

Does my day run away because I choose to just cuddle her all day and not move? Yes! Do I care? Nope. She will only be this small for such a short time and this mamma is soaking it all up before she grows too big to want to come and cuddle in with her mamma. Before she’s too cool to be seen having a good old snuggle. I really want the days to slow down!

But I’ll say it again, Parenting is Hard Work!

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