A brief visit to Emily weaning

Hello from me! It’s being a while hasn’t it! And my gosh! Where has 6 months gone. It really doesn’t feel like it was over 6 months ago I was pacing the hospital with my husband and mum the day before I Laboured honestly. It feels like I blinked and we’re here.

First I’ll share a brief update on Emily.

Obviously she’s now over 6 months old… I still can’t believe it, it’s gone so fast. She’s a feisty little madam with a temper to match. She’s a red head so it can be expected ha. She’s now rolling over and can sit unaided briefly if placed sat up, literally 10 seconds at most and only when she’s concentrating on something. She’s now in her own bedroom too. Mama wasn’t 100% comfortable with her going in there but I have to say it’s the best thing we did for her. She sleeps so so well in her own space. And obviously she’s now eating solids. 3 meals a day as of this week.

So how did we start Emilys weaning journey.

Emily was weaned ‘early’ ( 19 weeks to be exact) due to reasons I’m not going to get into on this post. It was the best thing for her and it went really well.

We started with just a few spoons of baby porridge mixed with her formula at dinner time. We thought she’d spit it out and wouldn’t be interested but she ate it like a trooper and even to this day will try anything you give her at least once.

After a few days of baby porridge I started with just single pureed vegetables which she absolutely loved! Broccoli being her favourite. After a couple of weeks of that I introduced combinations and fruits.

Then at around 5 and a half months I introduced breakfast. Just baby porridge made with her formula.

Her formula feeds were all kept the same at the same times as she was used to.

At just 1 day shy of 6 months we tried Emily with egg and she had an allergic reaction which resulted in a hospital visit and antihistamine being given to her. So now we avoid everything containing egg until we go back to the hospital for follow ups.

Now Emily is over 6 months we have introduced finger foods/ baby led weaning. And let me tell you, she absolutely loves it! She loves to feed herself either holding food herself or holding her spoon and feeding herself.

Apart from eggs, nuts & honey, Emily now eats everything and anything. She will honestly have a go at anything.

As of this week, 6 months and 1 week we have now introduced lunch and she loves it! At this meal I give her a yoghurt too as a ‘dessert’ and she loves them!

She loves to get messy too! Today ( Sunday) she’s being squishing sweet potato mash all over the place but we had one happy baby and thats all we ever want. It can get messy but it all cleans up in the end (haha).

I will do more post on weaning, weaning ideas, foods Emily tried and like and not liked. If you have any requests regarding weaning posts let me now in the comments and I’ll get round to them as soon as I can.

Happy Sunday!

(please remember, weaning is a personal choice, however you choose to wean. As long as your baby is happy and healthy thats all that matter)

Libby x

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